NICOGRAPH International 2022 Activity

Events 2022.05.30

NICOGRAPH International 2022 Activity:


Title: What is CG Research in Industry? – Anime, Games and Beyond

Presenter(s): Ken Anjyo (OLM Digital, Inc., IMAGICA GROUP Inc.)

Description: CG research in the digital industry should provide tools/systems/workflows useful in the workplace. Technical novelty may therefore be an important factor of the industry-oriented research, but not always a top priority. In this talk, I would like to showcase how to find and solve industry issues through international research collaborations across companies and academia, based on my experiences over years. The specific technical topics will come from 3D anime, facial animation and geometry processing of millions of polygons. In addition, I will briefly discuss the future of CG research, emphasizing on the importance of advanced mathematical approaches.

Oral Presentation (Short)

Title: Semi-Automatic Colorization Pipeline for Anime Characters and its Evaluation in Production

Presenter(s): Akinobu Maejima (OLM Digital, Inc., IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Hiroyuki Kubo (Chiba University), Seitaro Shinagawa (NAIST), Takuya Funatomi (NAIST), Tatsuo Yotsukura (OLM Digital, Inc., IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Satoshi Nakamura (NAIST), Yasuhiro Mukaigawa (NAIST)

Description: Improving the efficiency of a colorization process in anime productions is necessary to enhance the quality of animes. In this paper, we introduce a semi-automatic anime character colorization pipeline based on few-shot patch-based learning which is specific to the anime style. Our pipeline requires only a small number of line-drawings and their colorized images, which is intermediate products in their current workflow as training data. The advantage of our method is that it is possible to complete the training process of a sequence-specific colorization model on the fly. To evaluate the effectiveness of our pipeline, we conduct a questionnaire survey for colorization artists after several trials of our colorization pipeline in an actual anime production. As a result, our pipeline has proven to be effective in improving the colorization process efficiency.