SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Activity

Events 2021.12.03

SIGGRAPH Asia 2021で3件発表をします.


+ Title: Japanese Animation in 2021 – To CG or not CG?
+ Presenters: Yuya Takahashi (Toei Animation Co., Ltd.), Marc Salvati (OLM Digital, Inc.), Andreas Bauer (Polygon Pictures, Inc.)
+ Description: Most western animation companies embraced Computer Graphics (CG). With CG advancing, the traditional hand-drawn feeling faded away. Only recently, movies like “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” saw the comeback of a hand-drawn feeling in the well established CG production industry, Hand-drawn animation however remains the foundation of most Japanese productions. To reduce the production cost of complex mechanical animations and fancy camera moves CG was initially introduced only for vehicles, robots and background shots. This required seamless integration with hand-drawn animation. Nowadays CG is even starting to be used for character animation. Past years have seen many improvements in making CG characters look just like their hand-drawn counterparts. In this course we start by sharing the traditional techniques and workflows of Japanese animation, and how they evolved with the rise of CG. Then we explain in detail how to efficiently create robots and how to render their contours and cel look to mimic Japanese hand-drawn animation. We will end by presenting some of the key challenges attempting to recreate a hand-drawn look with a full CG production, in particular elements like hair, eyes and shadows. The content of the course is illustrated using recent productions such as “Butt Detective”, “Zoid Wild”, “Pacific Rim: The Black”, “Baymax & Mochi”, “Knights of Sidonia”, “Levius”, “Human Lost”, “Ajin”, “Drifting Dragons” and “Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter”.

Technical Communications

+ Title: Anime Character Colorization using Few-shot Learning
+ Presenters: Akinobu Maejima (OLM Digital, Inc. IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Hiroyuki Kubo (Tokai University), Seitaro Shinagawa (NAIST), Takuya Funatomi (NAIST), Tatsuo Yotsukura (OLM Digital, Inc. IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Satoshi Nakamura (NAIST), Yasuhiro Mukaigawa (NAIST)
+ Description: We propose an automatic Anime-style colorization method using only a small number of colorized reference images manually colorized by artists. Our method helps to reduce the manual labor for artists.

Featured Sessions

+ Title: R&D for Anime Production: State-of-the-Art and Future Prospects
+ Presenters: Jun Kato (Arch Inc. AIST), Yuki Koyama (Graphinica, Inc.AIST), Tatsuo Yotsukura (OLM Digital, Inc.), Koya Imamura (Toei Animation Co., Ltd.)
+ Description: The global attention to “anime” expression is exceptionally high, and its digitized production process has significantly raised the importance of R&D. This session will discuss its current status and prospects.