“Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics”

Books & Journals 2019.05.31

Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The paper “A linear algorithm for Brick Wang tiling” has been published in “Japan Journal of Industrial and Applied Mathematics“.

Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences

Books & Journals 2018.04.26

Proceedings of the Royal Society of London A

The paper “Inverse design of an isotropic suspended Kirchhoff rod: theoretical and numerical results on the uniqueness of the natural shape” has been published in “Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences“.

“Mathematical Basics of Motion and Deformation in Computer Graphics”

Books & Journals 2014.10.30


The book titled “Mathematical Basics of Motion and Deformation in Computer Graphics” has been published.

“Mathematical Basics of Motion and Deformation in Computer Graphics”

This book presents an intuitive introduction to the mathematics of motion and deformation in computer graphics. Starting with familiar concepts in graphics, such as Euler angles, quaternions, and affine transformations, we illustrate that a mathematical theory behind these concepts enables us to develop the techniques for efficient/effective creation of computer animation. This book, therefore, serves as a good guidepost to mathematics (differential geometry and Lie theory) for students of geometric modeling and animation in computer graphics. Experienced developers and researchers will also benefit from this book, since it gives a comprehensive overview of mathematical approaches that are particularly useful in character modeling, deformation, and animation.

Table of Contents: Preface / Symbols and Notations / Introduction / Rigid Transformation / Affine Transformation / Exponential and Logarithm of Matrices / 2D Affine Transformation between Two Triangles / Global 2D Shape Interpolation / Parametrizing 3D Positive Affine Transformations / Further Readings / Bibliography / Authors’ Biographies

Author: Ken Anjyo, Hiroyuki Ochiai

– Paperback
Price: $45.00 / £27.50
ISBN-10 :1627054448
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– e-book
Price: $30.00
ISBN : 9781627054454
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Pages: 83
Publisher: Morgan & Claypool Publishers

“Technical Artist Start Kit” published translated into Korean language

Books & Journals 2014.06.05


The book titled “Technical Artist Start Kit” published in Japanese has been translated into Korean language.

「테크니컬 아티스트를 위한 최고의 교과서」

Author: Yosuke Katsura, Marc Salvati, Tatsuo Yotsukura
Translator: Jaewoo Seo
Price: 28,000 won
ISBN-13: 9788968481017
ISBN-10: 8968481016
Pages: 432
Publisher and Reseller: Hanbit Media

A book titled "Technical Artist Start Kit" is released

Books & Journals 2012.03.07


A book titled “Technical Artist Start Kit” is released, which is published by Born Digital, Inc. in Japan.
This book is the result of the in-house education program for artists at OLM Digital, Inc. .

Art x Technique

With this book the authors want to fill the gap between computer graphics theory
and 2D/3D image creation.
First you learn the theory and then you practice with Maya and After Effects.

A “Technical Artist” is a guy who understands science and art,
and is able to use it complementary in his/her image creation process.
He/She may be the pipe between engineers and artists.

This book gives artists who aim at “Technical Artist” position the fundamental basis
and knowledge they need.
The minimal requirement is near zero, since we include the necessary mathematics
and physics starters.
Artists will be invited to write scripts, and to get their hands on the problems by practicing with the numerous exercises included in each chapter.

Autodesk Maya 2010 and above
After Effects CS3 and above

Technical Artist Start Kit -The useful mathematics, physics and CG theory for image creation

Author:Yosuke Katsura、Marc Salvati、Tatsuo Yosukura (OLM Digital, Inc. Research and Development department)
Price:¥5,250(¥5,000 + tax)
Publisher and Reseller:Born Digital, Inc.