SIGGRAPH 2022 Activity

Events 2022.06.08

SIGGRAPH 2022 Activity:


Title: The Use of CG in Japanese Animation

Presenter(s): Marc Salvati (OLM Digital, Inc.), Andreas Bauer (Polygon Pictures Inc.)

Description: Using production works such as “Zoid Wild”, “Knights of Sidonia”, “Drifting Dragons” and “Pacific Rim: The Black”, we present the use of CG in traditional animation in Japan, from a hybrid mix between hand-drawn and 3D elements to a full CG approach incorporating state-of-the-art computer graphics techniques.

SIGGRAPH 2022 Activity

Events 2022.06.07

SIGGRAPH 2022 Activity:


Title: Self-Intersection-aware Deformation Transfer for Garment Simulation Meshes

Presenter(s): Akinobu Maejima (OLM Digital Inc., IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Akihiro Ozawa (ASICS Corporation), Ken Anjyo (OLM Digital Inc., IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Tatsuo Yotsukura (OLM Digital Inc., IMAGICA GROUP Inc.), Takehiro Tagawa (ASICS Corporation)

Description: We propose a novel deformation transfer technique that suppresses interference on the resulting target mesh, called Self-Intersection-aware DeformationTransfer (SIDT). We demonstrate that avoiding interferences helps to produce simulation-friendly meshes by taking garment simulation as a case study.