Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Job Description

The position’s main responsibility is to tackle production challenges that arise which require custom software. This may include writing plugins for Maya or After Effects, or in some cases stand-alone scripts and/or programs. The needs can cover the gamut of CG production, so broad knowledge of CG techniques is needed.


  • Thorough knowledge of the principles of 3D (animation, FX, modelling, texturing, lighting, scripting, shading, rendering, rigging, and simulation). We appreciate that candidates may have varying levels of knowledge in these various areas.
  • A good working knowledge of the mathematical principles underlying 3D algorithms (e.g. linear algebra, quaternions, differential equations).
  • At least 3 years of experience programming in C/C++ required. Knowledge of Python, JavaScript, or MEL, are a plus.
  • Candidates MUST be able to speak, read, and write English.
Desired Skills and Pluses:
  • Working knowledge of Maya is beneficial but not required.
  • Proficiency in Japanese is a plus


Permanent employee


Depends on experience and performance

Working Hours

10:00-18:00, Mon-Fri

Office Location

Wakabayashi, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

Holidays/ Vacations

National holidays, Japanese New Year’s Holiday, and a paid vacation.

Welfare Programs

  • Insurance : Welfare Pension, Employment Insurance, Health Insurance
  • Others : Transportation Fees, etc.

Applications/ Submission

  • Please fill out the application form below. You will receive an auto reply soon and an email from our R&D recruiting team later.
  • Please send your cover letter and CV with a recent photograph of yourself, according to the guidance in the second email.
  • After we review your application, we will notify applicants selected for an interview.