CG Modeler

CG Modeler

Job Description

CG Modelers are responsible for creating CG characters, props, and environment by using software such as Autodesk Maya© or Pixologic Zbrush©. Modelers also perform various tasks such as rigging and some minor texture setup, and the created models should be fully functional for Animators.


Demonstrated strong modeling skills along with having strong drawing skills. (Strongly Required)
  • Rigging: Understanding the structure (skeleton) of a character and create fully functioning character set-ups for Animators.
  • Background Modeling: Ability to visualize the concept and set a mood according to the direction of a project.
  • Good communication skills in Japanese/English.
  • Residing in Japan


Project -based contract


Depends on experience and performance

Working Hours

10:00-18:00, Mon-Fri

Office Location

Wakabayashi, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo

Holidays/ Vacations

National holidays, Japanese New Year’s Holiday, and a paid vacation.

Welfare Programs

  • Insurance : Welfare Pension, Employment Insurance, Health Insurance
  • Others : Transportation Fees, etc.

Applications/ Submission

  • Please fill out the application form below. You will receive an auto reply soon and an email from our recruiting team later.
  • Please send your CV, a recent photograph of yourself and Demo Reel, according to the guidance in the second email.
  • After we review your application, we will notify applicants selected for an interview.