Locally Controllable Stylized Shading

Locally Controllable Stylized Shading


Recent progress in non-photorealistic rendering (NPR) has led to many stylized shading techniques that efficiently convey visual information about the objects depicted. Another crucial goal of NPR is to give artists simple and direct ways to express the abstract ideas born of their imaginations. In particular, the ability to add intentional, but often unrealistic, shading effects is indispensable for many applications. We propose a set of simple stylized shading algorithms that allow the user to freely add localized light and shade to a model in a manner that is consistent and seamlessly integrated with conventional lighting techniques. The algorithms provide an intuitive, direct manipulation method based on a paint-brush metaphor, to control and edit the light and shade locally as desired. Our prototype system demonstrates how our method can enhance both the quality and range of applicability of conventional stylized shading for offline animation and interactive applications.


“Locally Controllable Stylized Shading”,

Hideki Todo, Ken Anjyo, William Baxter, Takeo Igarashi

ACM Transactions on Graphics Volume 26, Issue 3, Article No.17 (SIGGRAPH2007), 2007.8


The 22nd Digital Contents Grand Prix Technical Achievement Award
“LoCoStySh (Locally Controllable Stylized Shading)”
OLM Digital, Inc. (Ken Anjyo, Yosuke Katsura, William Baxter), Univ. of Tokyo (Hideki Todo, Takeo Igarashi)
DCAJ (Digital Content Association of Japan), 2007.10